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We want to revolutionize consumer-brand relationships and to become the leading platform for brand-related conversations, co-creations & educations, letting consumers exploring the universe around brands.


Only a few of them have an impact on your life and establish personal and long-lasting relationships. These brands stand out from the rest and deserve your time, passion, creativity, resources.

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Brand Ambassador Community, BrandMate

Let me introduce you to my new mobile app BrandMate - now available on iTunes.

BrandMate allows users to enter a personalized brand community through the selection of a set of beloved brands. Brand lovers can join BrandMate to:

* Be

Does Apple need Social Media?

The world’s most valuable company and the second-most valuable brand doesn’t have an official social presence. A decade after the rise of social media, a significant number of ‘digital experts’ still find Apple’s indifference to social platforms puzzling, to say the least. The notoriously social-shy giant hired some of the

Brand Ambassadors, Brand Advocates or Brand Influencers? 10 key differences

A recurring discussion in marketing departments is how to identify, engage and collaborate with strategic individuals given the numerous possibilities offered by digital technology. Although the involvement of influential people has become a common practice in several industries, their role and contribution are often misinterpreted by managers, creating a sense

How to Create a Social Media Plan

As a Social Media Manager, you are responsible to ideate and implement a social media plan. Similarly to any other plan, this should be composed by three main parts: analytic (WHO), strategic (WHAT), and executive (HOW).

The definition of your social media strategy starts with the understanding of your brand and

Mobile Apps Categories

Assessing the different typologies of mobile apps made available to users, it is rather intuitive to notice 4 main categories of software applications. If we go beyond the single features contained inside an app, we can observe that almost the totality of mobile applications can be conceptually included in the

5 major changes in consumer-brand relationships

The advent of social media and the diffusion of digital technology have created significant changes in the way consumer-brand relationships are conceived, both by consumers and by companies. This pst discusses some of the major factors that have contributed to this evolution.

1. Personal vs. public conversations

A few decades ago, interactions

Brand Community to Brand Equity

I was previously asked to prove that community commitment is an attitudinal antecedent of brand advocacy (and brand loyalty), and is therefore fundamental to the ultimate goal of building brand equity. In other words, I argued that an effective brand advocacy attitude is most easily found in consumers that have

From Brand Ideals to App Purpose

To a certain extent, a manager can use brand ideals to directionally guide the brand’s efforts toward a consistent product and communication innovation. The same applies in the digital environment. A brand is a brand anywhere, whether the context is mobile apps or physical goods. Therefore, it is easy to

Brand Ideals: connecting content strategy to relational strategy and brand strategy

According to Stengel (2011), brand managers should be conceived as “business artists”, leaders whose primary medium is brand ideals. 

The scope of these business artists is to discover (or rediscover) a brand ideal in one of the five fields of fundamental human values, to build a business culture around the

Brand Ideals definition: first step in your Branding Strategy

Marketing and corporate communications managers are often confronted with the need to anticipate market trends. In order to be at the cutting edge of innovation, they are often willing to adopt technology that can generate visibility and a sense of innovativeness, despite the value delivered to consumers can be objected. 


Social Media ROI to measure relationship quality? No, thanks

One of the major challenges for companies is to guarantee continuity of the relationship development process. Since priorities in companies can change quickly, while the relationships takes time to evolve, it is not uncommon to observe a dramatic change in the online communication efforts of a brand, due to a

Fans vs. Brand Lovers on Facebook

The non-realization by brand managers that consumers engagement is something they should be aiming at ONLY after the user knows the brand, has considered its values and benefits, has tried the product and have shown certain level of interest to it, makes the online communication particularly ineffective

Consider the example of

Path to delightful relationship on social media

Relationships are dynamic; they develop and vary over time as a consequence of the interactions between the partners and of the variations in the surrounding environment. Relationships do not follow predetermined stages, although a common pattern can be found. The relational development model put forth by Knapp (1984) describes the

Invest in your Brand Community to increase Customer Loyalty

Nowadays, companies are constantly reconsidering their online strategies due to the risk of seriously damaging their reputation, being labeled as “anti-social”, or being unable to handle online conversations. Despite the common belief that keeping an existing customer is seven times cheaper than winning a new one (Bain & Company, 1999),

‘Social Media’ is NOT the magic formula, ‘Relationship’ is

The recent explosion of interest in social media has led authors from many fields to release books and articles that have attempted to interpret the changes caused by digital technology. 

On one hand, these documents have invoked enthusiasm among countless professionals and researchers because they have highlighted the potential of the

Importance of long-term relationships in social media era

The importance of building and maintaining long-term relationships with strategic consumers is further emphasized by the rise of such phenomena as global competition, sharing economy, service industrialization, and private labels. Increasingly, what differentiates one brand from another is not its visual ID or personality, but its overall relationships with consumers.

Managing Relationships through Social Media

Recently, there was an explosion of interest in social media and authors from every field released a book with the attempt of interpreting the changes brought by digital technology.

On one hand, these books have invoked enthusiasm of countless professionals and researchers because they stipulated the major potential of the digital

Current Relationships & Data gaps in Brand Management

Different from ‘Lifestyle Marketing’ research, the Brand Network approach does NOT rely on demographics when segmenting the market (Brand-based Segmentation). In fact, it only focuses on brands the consumer has an emotional connection with and can afford to buy. This is based on the assumption that

What is ‘Brand Network Theory’?

Brand Communities are not built on brand reputation (as one may wrongly assume), rather it is built on peoples’ understanding of brand stories. Being communities neither fixed nor permanent, its meaning and concreteness are always being negotiated by individuals. This is true whether group members interact electronically, face-to-face, or both.

Is Social Media revolutionary?

The large explosion of brand communities is practically attributed to the diffusion of the Internet. The advent of the Internet and more recently social media - where Internet users collaborate, share information, and opinions - are the critical phenomenons of the past decade in communication.

Depending on the definition of the term

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